With Keeeb starts a new era of knowledge exchange

The collective knowledge of your academic institution has an incredibly high value that is almost impossible to express in figures. This know-how is how the foundation separates itself from others and defines the future of your institution.

With Keeeb, you confidentially secure your knowledge permanently while simultaneously using it effectively. Therefore, Keeeb is a professional research software that will provide your institution access to totally new opportunities in searching, organizing and sharing of information. Go further than just sharing your data: with Keeeb you invite selected partners to directly collaborate with it.

Improve the exchange of knowledge through coordinated simultaneous research; exchange of results and corporate work in shared documents, together with students, other faculty members and even external academic associates and scientists. Everything and anything is possible.

Keeeb offers your students and academics the ideal technology to pool and process information. All research results will include a completed and traceable bibliography.

With introducing Keeeb you procure your institution a significant technological advantage and provide your students an environment that focuses less on the research process itself but on the actually relevant objectives – content related working.

The collective knowledge of students, faculty and academic associates remains to 100% within the organization even after their graduation or exiting the institution. This way the collective knowledge continuously improves and grows. Without the need of archiving, it stays preserved and accessible for future generations of students.

The Keeeb advantages at a glance:

  • 100 % data security for the collective knowledge of your institution
  • 100 % traceability of all data through sources
  • more effective ways of researching
  • more effective ways of knowledge sharing
  • effectively better study results
  • Avoidance of duplicated - research or dataloss in archives
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