With Keeeb you apply information instead of researching it.

Are you enrolled in a university program? Then you definitely should meet Keeeb. Keeeb is a professional research software that will provide access to totally new opportunities in searching, organizing and sharing of information that will save you valuable time.

Use Keeeb to easily bundle researched information for projects, assignments or thesis works, all in one place.

No more loss of important information as there is 100% traceability through automatically saved references. Keeeb also enables you to directly collaborate on projects with fellow students together as a team.

The Keeeb education program is in particular focused on universities/colleges and provides to you, the student, the ideal and latest technology to gather, process and organize information.

By integrating Keeeb into your academic life, you care less about the research itself, but focus on the relevant objectives – content related work in the course of your studies.

The Keeeb advantages at a glance:

  • collect information online (i.e. references, date , time, and URL)
  • Upload documents
  • Upload photos from offline media , such as books and reports
  • Review within groups or with teachers
  • Discussion on the content within groups, and can even include teachers!
  • Easily transfer all information in Word and PowerPoint incl. sources
  • Reuse own research or from fellow students in later projects
  • better traceability and proof of resources, faster research independently from group meetings, fundamental base of University knowledge
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    We are available at any time to answer any questions about specific utilization possibilities for your university. Contact us for personal advices to your individual questions. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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