Finally, searching your enterprise is as easy as Google.

Keeeb connects all your information sources - public, private, and paid - in a single universal search that integrates with the tools you use every day. So you can find what you need where you need it. All without moving any data.

One search for everything

Keeeb connects to internal and external sources in moments and brings them all together in a single universal search. So you can spend less time searching and more time on the things that really matter.

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Personalized knowledge without the noise

Find the information that is most relevant to you. With advanced filtering, visual relevancy and machine learning, Keeeb makes it easy to find that perfect slide in a deck or paragraph in a document faster than ever.

Digital transformation accelerated

Transform your digital workplace in moments, not months. Keeeb unifies your internal and external information sources without migrating, indexing, or reindexing data.

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Universal access to knowledge

Put your best into practice with seamless access to relevant knowledge in the flow of work. Keeeb integrates with the tools you use every day so people can work smarter everywhere with the power of knowledge at their fingertips.

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