Boost productivity and performance with amazing employee experiences.

Keeeb connects people to the knowledge they need where they need it. So everyone can tap into the best thinking, scale contributions, and achieve more together.

Everything in one place

Bring teams and the information they need together across departments and geographies to inform smarter decisions, accelerate time to market, and deliver better products and services faster for customers and clients.

Knowledge Cloud with user
sharing and permission function

Unleash organizational intelligence

Spend less time searching and more time on the things that matter. Find everything with one search, explore expert and community curated collections, and connect new insights with others instantly, automatically, and securely.

Powerful digital experiences

Enrich established workflows with easy access to relevant and personalized knowledge and make your existing tools better. Keeeb accelerates adoption and makes change management easy by delivering user-centric technology that adapts to people.

VR guy and data sources
user in the middle of multiple data sources

Smarter everywhere

Experience the power of knowledge at your fingertips. From finding the product roadmap in SharePoint to the most recent research report in Teams, integrate Keeeb for seamless access to relevant knowledge in the flow or work.

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