Transform your digital workplace with Keeeb's universal discovery software.

Connect to internal and external data sources in moments and deliver relevant and personalized knowledge in the flow of work – without moving data.

Digital transformation without the data migration

Keeeb connects all your information sources – from internal sources like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Jira to external ones like Google, LinkedIn, and more – and delivers one search for everything without migrating or reindexing data.

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knowledge globe, user and results

Universal access to knowledge

Experience the power of knowledge at your fingertips. Keeeb integrates with the tools you use every day so you can work smarter everywhere with seamless access to relevant knowledge in the flow of work.

Your best put into practice

Bring teams and the information they need together across departments, geographies, and workflows so everyone can collaborate, contribute, and deliver their best for customers and clients.

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Amazing digital employee experiences

The easiest path to adoption is technology that adapts to people. Keeeb makes change management easier by integrating with the tools people use every day and enriching established workflows with beautiful and personalized digital experiences.

Enterprise-ready software

We built Keeeb for the demands of large enterprises. With SSO, cloud optimization, and data security in our DNA, you can have confidence Keeeb will meet the demands of your enterprise and keep your data secure.

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Data-driven insights

Capture emerging opportunities, cut costs, and inform smarter decisions with data-driven insights powered by Keeeb. Keeeb helps you identify trends, fill knowledge gaps, assess investments, outperform competitors, and more.

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