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    Use the Inpage Mode to select individual elements of a website. Highlight photos, videos, and text passages to directly save them into your Keeebaccount.


    Use the screenshot function to capture the entire page or only partial areas to save them into your Keeeb.


    This feature enhances the standard way to bookmark a web page especially when time is short and you want to engage with the webpage later. The main difference is that Keeeb makes it easier to retrieve and organize web sites than ever before.

    The Keeeb Platform

    The notifications will update you about any activities in your company.
    Use the intelligent search engine to recover relevant information. Organize information in topics and pages.
    We always save the a traceable source for any piece of gathered information.
    Group Keeebies through simple drag and drop.
    Share knowledge with your team.
    Adjust your page with just a few clicks and create Magic Links for external visitors.
    Use the rate and comment functions to improve efficiency within your team collaboration.

    File Upload

    PDF, GIF; TIFF, JPG, PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel

    Upload all kinds of files

    Keeeb is integrated on Google

    Google & Microsoft Office integration

    Search in one place

    With Keeeb you continue using Microsoft Office as usual since Keeeb is fully integrated. Use the toolbar to gain access to your data in order to use it for creating presentations without changing the program.

    The same works for Google: With the integration of Keeeb into Google, you will be notified of any preexisting research that has been saved on the companies Keeeb. Thus preventing any duplicate research.

    your research process

    Too many individual research processes within a company are ineffective. Keeeb provides the opportunity to fully optimize the workflow. Even in existing processes Keeeb can easily be integrated. Either way – it’s the easiest and most effective way to standardize your process.

    Identify Experts &
    Find Expertise

    With Keeeb you also find colleagues within your enterprise who are already experts in the specific topic. The right person is quickly identified to use preexisting knowledge when needed.

    All Company research
    data in one place

    Whether it’s your personal Keeeb account or the collected Keeeb data from your entire company, everything is stored in one place. The advantage is easy retrieval of information at any time and no risk of loosing data. Even if employees leave the company, there is no danger of data loss. Even if websites go offline, the stored texts remain on the Keeeb Servers.

    SaaS or
    On-Premise solution

    With SaaS-Solution, Keeeb offers the advantages of a cloud. In addition there are no concerns with the infrastructure of your data. It’s not a problem if specifications of your company do not allow any cloud solutions. Keeeb also works as an on-premise solution, which ncludes a total upgradeability of the software.

    different server
    locations available

    Legally the data has to be saved in the country where the company’s headquarter is located. Therefore you can freely choose the location of your server in order to be on the safe side for data protection.


    With Keeeb you not only share your information, but also directly cooperate with others. You can research together, exchange information, or discuss and edit shared documents. For example provide access to the data via Magic Link to your whole team, individual colleagues, or external employees.

    Keeeb on all Devices and Plattformse

    Keeeb runs on all platforms including Windows and Mac. The browser extension is applicable for all major browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). Keeeb is also available on any mobile device.

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    Use Keeeb on every device