Sid Probstein, CTO of Keeeb Inc. has a background that is both business and technically oriented. He learned to program on a TRS-80 with a cassette tape for storage, and holds an MBA from Northeastern University. As a result, he’s able to help bridge the gaps between business goals and technical possibilities.

“Keeeb fuels your digital transformation by empowering every individual to both access and amplify the collective intelligence of the enterprise.”

He started his career in strategic marketing at a diversified financial services company. It gave him a great appreciation for the importance of data, and in particular the value of unifying it to perform new analysis. After pioneering the use of search technology to access so-called structured data at FAST Search & Transfer, he co-founded Attivio, an enterprise-grade cognitive search platform capable of fusing data from most any source, and responding to most any type of query. Sid worked with customers to achieve a variety of remarkable results using the platform – from UBS’ award-winning NEO electronic trading platform, to Cisco’s Sales Connect application, and some of the largest and most complex intranets in the world. Sid also takes time to support fellow entrepreneurs, having a long history of volunteering as a startup advisor.

As Keeeb’s CTO, he has driven the evolution of the Keeeb platform envisioned by founder Konrad Gulla. This evolution includes the creation of a powerful AI module that navigates relevant knowledge from across sources to users and automates processes of gathering, classifying, and disseminating research. At Keeeb, Sid works directly with early adopters of the platform including leading companies who have selected Keeeb because they feel the pains of disjointed people, processes, and technology and see the enormous potential to drive innovation and business growth by connecting knowledge to people and people to each other.

Keeeb‘s Enterprise Intelligence Platform unleashes enterprise intelligence by offering a plethora of benefits from enhancing employee performance to revolutionizing digital engagement. As most analysts or researchers in the enterprise state – it can be a “difficult and lonely job”. It often feels like one is searching for a few points of light in a vast, dark space. The Keeeb Enterprise Intelligence Platform (KEIP) illuminates the collective intelligence of the enterprise by making it easy to:

• Discover information across sources – public, private, paid and personal – with one search,

• Collect and annotate what they discover,

• Discover what others have collected – and maybe what they thought about it

When AI supports this powerful loop, it automates processes of finding, gathering, and sharing information so people can focus on the critical tasks of analyzing, synthesizing, and innovating.

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