Keeeb Founder and Chief Visionary Published in Harvard Business Manager

01. October 2019

The September 2019 issue of Harvard Business Manager includes the article “Enter the Cognitive Age” written by Keeeb Founder and Chief Visionary Konrad Gulla.

The article explores the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation as data continues to grow exponentially and new cognitive technologies emerge to “make all areas of work and private life predictable with self-thinking and self-acting algorithms.” Mr. Gulla compares the advent of this “cognification” to the rise of electrification in the 20th century with its revolutionary impact on all aspects of life and business.

While many companies see data growth as their greatest challenge, Mr. Gulla argues that technologies capable of understanding users and automatically connecting them with available resources will transform this data into a key advantage. “The handling of knowledge and decisions will change fundamentally in the next ten years through Cognitive Knowledge Discovery platforms,” he writes. “Personal Digital Intelligence that knows our interests, the level of our expertise, and our professional network will continuously compare all of this with publicly available, in-house, and paid knowledge sources to help us ask better questions, understand relationships faster, and make more informed decisions.”

Mr. Gulla encourages companies to prepare for cognification by collecting data and making it accessible to AI enabled platforms. Keeeb’s Intelligence Platform helps achieve this by collecting user data across all connected data sources and making the data in those sources easily discoverable and accessible. This primes AI-powered tools and enables employees to leverage relevant knowledge from across the enterprise more efficiently and effectively.

With Konrad Gulla’s visionary leadership, Keeeb continues to innovate and evolve to help enterprise partners advance into the Cognitive Age. Come join us!

About Keeeb

Keeeb Unleashes Enterprise Intelligence by elevating every knowledge employee’s ability to Discover, Collect, Create, and Share.

Knowledge employees lose a day of productivity each week navigating oceans of data and disjointed tools to harvest knowledge. We believe there’s a better way. Our vision is to make knowledge navigate to users. This is why we created an Intelligence Platform that infuses established workflows with knowledge from all connected sources and instantly scales new intelligence to trusted audiences within and across organizations. This is how Keeeb helps you accelerate smarter decisions, increase productivity, and illuminate new possibilities.

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