Keeeb’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform 30 percent faster: Notably higher search speed now

March 26th, 2019

Finding company knowledge simply with every Google search – now much faster with Keeeb’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform: Thanks to an optimization of the query engine as well as simultaneous searches in the connected data sources Keeeb has improved the speed of its recently awarded solution by 30 percent. The result for users: finding information even faster. This not only increases motivation at work, but also positively affects the efficiency and productivity of employees.

How many seconds faster search results are delivered after the last product update depends on the connected data sources, as Maximilian Kirst, Business Development Manager at Keeeb, explains: "The more data sources have to be searched through and the more data is stored in it, the longer the search takes. But regardless of this: Every one of our users immediately notices that Keeeb is now around one third faster than before."

Enhanced usability for even more success

Usability is the main factor of success when implementing and using Keeeb’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform within organizations. Possible data sources that can be connected to Keeeb’s intuitive search are SharePoint, Salesforce, Office 365, Box, or Confluence. Moreover, also professional knowledge providers can serve as data provider.

Beyond finding internal and external information easily and fast, Keeeb can do much more: The solution allows to collect and curate search results in a structured way and edit them intuitively within seconds.

Keeeb’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform – Overview of key aspects

Keeeb’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform enables organizations for the first time to establish one continuous workflow for finding, curating, and collaborating knowledge without the need to move existing data or change user behavior:

  • Bundle data repositories in one unified platform: For the first time organizations can transform a simple Google search into a complex universal search that yields not only public knowledge, but personal, professional, and people knowledge that was previously beyond the reach of browsers (e.g. Salesforce, Box, SharePoint, OneDrive, Office 365, Confluence, third-party knowledge providers, individual systems).
  • Discover knowledge intuitively: Organizations are able to turn the cumbersome search process into an intuitive, automated knowledge discovery by integrating all knowledge bundled into familiar digital environments presenting it at the point of application where people are used to search.
  • Curate and collaborate knowledge efficiently: By making collecting, curating, sharing, and collaborating information with Keeeb easier and faster than ever before, organizations can significantly enhance their productivity and drive the flow of knowledge.


"A personal Google for everyone" – The Wall Street Journal

Keeeb‘s Enterprise Intelligence Platform unleashes enterprise intelligence, maximizes the productivity and performance of employees, revolutionizes digital engagement with information, and accelerates commercial, social, and personal progress of organizations.

To this end, Keeeb connects all existing knowledge from public, personal, people, and professional sources in one unified platform, transforms the manual search into an intuitive, automated discovery by integrating knowledge into familiar digital environments presenting it at the point of application, and enhances workflow productivity by making collecting, curating, sharing, and collaborating knowledge easier and faster than ever before.

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