Keeeb is pleased to announce the company’s selection to KMWorld’s list of 100 Companies that Matter Most in Knowledge Management in 2021.

The selection recognizes Keeeb and its universal discovery software for delivering seamless access to relevant and personalized knowledge in the flow of work – without moving any data. Keeeb empowers people to work smarter everywhere and helps customers accelerate digital transformation, fuel a knowledge-first culture, and elevate performance through amazing digital employee experiences.

"Flexibility, agility, and the ability to pivot are attributes that have become critical to forward-thinking companies—and that is particularly the case now. Successful organizations don't want to merely survive; they want to dominate their market sectors. But to do that, they need the right tools and products," said Tom Hogan, Group Publisher at KMWorld. "Amidst the dramatic changes taking place today, innovative organizations are seeking new approaches to improve their processes. The 2021 KMWorld 100 is a list of leading-edge knowledge management companies that are helping their customers to expand access to information, leverage new opportunities, and accelerate growth."

The recognition from KMWorld comes amid the launch of Keeeb’s latest platform update which further enhances the user experience, provides even better relevancy, expands out-of-the-box data source connectors, and more.

“The new normal requires businesses and organizations to accelerate digital transformation to survive and thrive,” said Paul Maguire, CEO of Keeeb. “One of the most critical aspects to address is access to information. How quickly and effectively people connect with the information and insights they need will determine which companies first identify opportunities, innovate faster, and outperform competitors to capture growth opportunities.

“Fragmented digital workplaces and legacy silo-centric approaches where people navigate to knowledge cannot bring companies to the future state where they need to be. Keeeb delivers a different user-centric and silo-agnostic solution where knowledge navigates to people. We are proud and honored by KMWorld’s recognition of Keeeb as one of the most important companies for 2021 and the future of work.”

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