With Keeeb you share knowledge.

Are you a faculty or an academic associate at a university? Are you responsible for the examination of projects? Are you a scientist? Then Keeeb will help you to significantly facilitate your work.

Keeeb is professional research software that will provide access to totally new opportunities in searching, organizing and sharing of information. Go further than just sharing your data; with Keeeb you invite selected partners to directly collaborate with it.

Improve the exchange of knowledge through coordinated simultaneous research; exchange of results and corporate work in shared documents, together with students, other faculty members, and even external academic associates and scientists.

Keeeb offers your students and academics the ideal technology to pool and process information. All research results will include a completed and traceable bibliography.

The Keeeb advantages at a glance:

  • Traceability of project results, discussions with students
  • Use of student research for lecture preparation (latest information)
  • Fundamental research for scientific investigation
  • Involving and acknowledging the work of coworkers and students
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