Content curation and collaboration

Collect, save, curate, and share information intuitively and efficiently.


Transform knowledge capture, curation, and collaboration into an efficient, intuitive, and engaging process.


Capture any web content – texts, images, videos, screenshots, or bookmarks – with just a click. Use Focus Mode to easily extract and organize information from a page.


Curate information from multiple data sources to create dynamic research assets and rich information packages to share with employees and customers.


Measure how users and recipients engage with content to gain a deep insight into their interests and engage them with highly relevant and valuable information.


Rate, comment, and discuss content with colleagues and receive feedback from clients. Personal news feeds keep everyone informed.


Search and discover content your colleagues have curated. Join them in a shared Collection or integrate their content into your work.


Keeeb’s RESTful API enables tools to access and leverage Collections’ core services to capture, share, and curate content in flexible ways.


Focus on high value tasks

Going to multiple search environments and using separate tools to collect, organize, and then share information leads to major time on knowledge acquisition and limited time for knowledge application. Keeeb’s unified environment to discover and ingest information, curate it into dynamic content, and share it with colleagues and clients empowers users to apply intelligence to critical tasks.

Connect need to knowledge

Quickly discovering answers to critical questions is pivotal to success. However, current search processes often fail to efficiently raise the best knowledge from all resources. Keeeb accelerates discovery by tracking user behavior, building profiles, and automatically recommending relevant and valuable information based on activity.

Engage employees and customers

Employee and customer interactions are often ad hoc and transactional rather than lasting and engaging. Keeeb enables the creation of learning communities where employees, clients, and partners can interact with each other through dynamic and rich assets and drive greater value from relationships.

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Jens Rüster
T-Systems International

Keeeb is refreshing and reminds me of Heinrich von Pierer's legendary statement at a Siemens balance sheet press conference: "If Siemens knew what Siemens knows, our figures would be much better.".

T. Reckhaus
IBM - European Leader of IBM’s Digital Cities

Keeeb is the perfect tool to make our knowledge and information management more efficient and create a more intuitive intranet. Keeeb’s intelligent solution allows us to offer our hundreds of enterprise customers a way, to maintain a smarter overview over their data.

The Wall Street Journal

A personal Google.