Don’t rely on 10% of your company’s
intelligence to run 100% of your business.
Change the equation with Keeeb Unity.




What is Keeeb Unity?

Keeeb Unity is a subscription-based software that eliminates redundant business research, reduces costs, and increases productivity. Use Keeeb Unity to improve information discovery and knowledge transfer and complete projects faster.

How does Keeeb Unity work?

Keeeb Unity helps enterprises collect and organize information from web-based and internal sources, quickly and easily. Unity extracts only the relevant content and makes information instantly available to others as appropriate, based on the policies set by the user and the company.

Why should we use it?

Keeeb Unity is the only business research tool that enables users to speed up and improve the research process by collecting relevant pieces of content with one click. It helps to identify internal experts, relevant content, and similar research. All this is securely available through a single interface.

Better business decisions come from
better research and information sharing.

Keeeb Unity eliminates copying and pasting content into documents, emails, and folders. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for information, collecting important data, or sharing a hundred single pieces of knowledge. Keeeb Unity makes all these tasks easy and efficient.

One Standard

Traditional information-sharing and research processes are fundamentally outdated. Unity is the new standard to work with relevant knowledge.

One Place

Thousands of employees can now process large amounts of information in one central location. On top of helping companies share information more effectively, Unity also helps to identify relevant experts within the organization.  Leveraging past research will help jumpstart new projects.

Unified Access
With native integration into MS Office and Web Search, companies now have easy access to all relevant information and past research. Nothing is lost.

pieces of information have already been stored in Unity – Searchable. Findable. Usable!


What are users saying about Keeeb Unity?

Keeeb impresses me with its functionality and usage. It has a simple and easy to use user interface. Keeeb is a very useful utility that allows users to save web clippings from any website. All you have to do is select any element such as text, images, videos, etc. and it will be saved.

Hammad Salem, Publisher

Keeeb is definitely one of the slickest web curation tools we have come across.It’s easy to use, its sleek interface is attractive, and the way that it’s set up – it places more emphasis on the content itself rather than on the users creating it – and as they say – content is king.

Nancy Messieh

Keeeb allows you to clip, collect and organize any valuable content, that you find online. From entire web pages to images, videos and text, while remaining fast, intuitive and clean. If you are a content curator, researcher or information librarian this is a must have to keep in your toolkit.

Robin Good, MasterNewMedia

Your company’s intelligence is as precious as a diamond in the rough. Uncover it’s beauty and power.