Keeeb - Unleashing Enterprise Intelligence


Keeeb Discovery displays relevant knowledge to your users, pulling from both internal & external sources.


“Keeeb is simply incredible. In fact, I do not know of any other tool more capable when it comes to collaborative research.“
– Dieter Petereit, T3N


Even if your employees don’t know the question, Keeeb Cortex delivers the right knowledge.

In order to use existing corporate knowledge effectively, the following problems must be identified and solved.

Corporate Information is not connected

Mission-critical, corporate intelligence is untapped because it is buried within information islands.

The knowledge of experts is untapped and effective collaboration is prevented.

Knowledge workers duplicate research and waste up to 30% of their day.

These problems are solved by:

Connecting Information Islands

Often access to company knowledge is difficult because the information is stored in different places, whether it‘s on the Intranet, SharePoint, on remote servers, or on individual computers;

At the crucial moment, employees use Google, even though the knowledge is already within the company’s data repositories.

Keeeb Discovery displays relevant knowledge directly to your employees and customers.

Optimizing Enterprise Workflows

New knowledge plays a central role for the innovative power of your company and therefore its future success.

However, in most companies, no process allows employees to save new knowledge and share it with others in a simple manner.

Keeeb Collections introduces a continuous worklow that is easy and up to 10 times faster than your current workarounds.

AI Enabled Knowledge Discovery

Personal computing and the Internet have made our modern working world possible. Artificial Intelligence represents the next great quantum leap forward.

The information explosion caused an efficient overview of all information to be practically impossible.

Keeeb Cortex is your corporate AI that gives you back full control of all knowledge.

Keeeb Discovery

Your knowledge where the users are

Until now your customers or employees only had access to your knowledge when searching in exactly the correct repository.

Not anymore: Keeeb Discovery brings the right information directly to your users, no matter where they are looking.

Keeeb Collections

Business Research 10x faster

Keeeb Collections provides a standardized research process that allows you to save, curate and share information with one click. Content, sources and their curators are stored centrally. Keeeb Collections is thus the ideal complement to modern knowledge management.

Keeeb Cortex

Understanding the Big Picture

Based on military intelligence technology, Keeeb Cortex uses Artificial Intelligence that understands meaning and concepts, not just keywords. It comprehends the big picture of your existing information AND based on an individual‘s unique interests. Keeeb Cortex surfaces the knowledge with the highest value.

Keeeb Kit


Keeeb Kit allows our clients to access the full Keeeb technology under different license models and to adapt and use them as you want.

T. Reckhaus

IBM – Digital Cities Leader Europe

„For us as a global company with approximately 400,000 employees, and our global “W3” intranet, Keeeb is the the perfect tool to make our knowledge and information management more efficient and create a more intuitive intranet. In combination with our own online collaboration solution “IBM Connections”, Keeeb’s intelligent solution allows us to offer our hundreds of enterprise customers a way, to maintain a smarter overview over their data.“

M. Schmitz

Head of Content Lab – Publicis Munich

„It is my job to identify trends and topics so that our agency has the edge in competition. Keeeb helps me ideally to structure the content found and also to find later on. A working day without Keeeb I can not imagine.“

F. Rieseberg

Developer Evangelist – Microsoft

„Keeeb’s solutions for collaborative research are impressive – the ability to quickly take a piece of information from the web, annotate it, and combine it with other pieces is such a crucial part of any modern information gathering process. Maintaining, but blending out the context of the information source is especially useful, since it easily allows for iteration over information.“