Keeeb - Unleashing Enterprise Intelligence


Keeeb Discovery displays relevant knowledge to your users, pulling from both internal & external sources.


“Keeeb is simply incredible. In fact, I do not know of any other tool more capable when it comes to collaborative research.“
– Dieter Petereit, T3N


Even if your employees don’t know the question, Keeeb Cortex delivers the right knowledge.

We make the knowledge and information of your company easily and intelligently accessible for your employees, clients, and partners.

Connection of existing data repositories

Optimized, intuitive search and research process

Knowledge advantage through artificial intelligence

Easy and efficient collaboration

Increase the intelligence of your knowledge and information management and boost your productivity!

Your content always directly in the Google window for every Google search.

Receiving relevant information even if you do not know exactly how to search for it.

Saving, curating, and sharing information from the internet easily and efficiently.


Don't trust us. See what our clients are saying about our product.

Jens Rüster

T-Systems International

“Keeeb is refreshing and reminds me of Heinrich von Pierer´s legendary statement at a Siemens balance sheet press conference: "If Siemens knew what Siemens knows, our figures would be much better.".

T. Reckhaus

IBM – Digital Cities Leader Europe

„For us as a global company with approximately 400,000 employees, and our global “W3” intranet, Keeeb is the the perfect tool to make our knowledge and information management more efficient and create a more intuitive intranet. In combination with our own online collaboration solution “IBM Connections”, Keeeb’s intelligent solution allows us to offer our hundreds of enterprise customers a way, to maintain a smarter overview over their data.“