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Unleashing Enterprise Intelligence

Connect all your data, make it intuitively accessible, and broaden your knowledge horizon with your personal AI assistant.

We make the knowledge and information of your company easily and intelligently accessible for your employees, clients, and partners.

Connection of existing data repositories

Connect all your data repositories whether it is SharePoint, OneDrive, Office 365, Confluence, or an individual solution

Intuitive search and research process

Increase your efficiency and productivity by searching where you are used to – on Google

Knowledge advantage through AI

Be always one step ahead of your competitors by letting your personal AI assitant searching for what you need to know

Easy and efficient collaboration

Enhance your team's productivity by collaborating in an intuitive and efficient way

The Keeeb Technology

With Keeeb Cortex, the days of classic, keyword-based searches are numbered. Based on nextgen content-aware and natural-language-understanding technologies, Cortex identifies relevant information even if the user does not know exactly how to search for. Keeeb Cortex knows what users want to know, even if they do not know the question.

Let your personal AI assistant search for what you need to know.


Our Products

Discovery For Enterprise

Finding internal information has never been this easy – just google them.

Discovery For Publishing

Bypass Google’s search algorithm and present your content every time your cus-tomers search on Google.


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What customers say

Jens Rüster
T-Systems International

Keeeb is refreshing and reminds me of Heinrich von Pierer's legendary statement at a Siemens balance sheet press conference: "If Siemens knew what Siemens knows, our figures would be much better.".

T. Reckhaus
IBM - European Leader of IBM’s Digital Cities

Keeeb is the the perfect tool to make our knowledge and information management more efficient and create a more intuitive intranet. Keeeb’s intelligent solution allows us to offer our hundreds of enterprise customers a way, to maintain a smarter overview over their data.

The Wall Street Journal

A personal Google.